Saturday, March 21, 2009

Planting - March 21

Today is beautiful. A bit cooler than average - highs in the upper 50's, but it is very nice for planting. Today I added the potatoes to the garden. I planted them over by the crepe myrtle and sweet gum tree, so as to be out of the way. I also planted a second crop of radishes. So far, my radishes are the only things that look like maybe they are being eaten. I need to get my spray bottle of soapy water going.

I still have so many things to plant and I already feel as though I'm running out of space. The prime real estate, of course, is reserved for tomatoes and peppers, which will be delivered in mid-April. There are many other things still left to find homes for, including my perennial veggies, many of which are going nicely in flats right now.

As for the things that have already been planted, they are looking good. The radishes are up. The peas look like every single one that I planted has come up. The garlic, lettuce, and spinach are doing well. Still no signs of onions, leeks, or strawberry spinach. I'll keep monitoring the situation, though.

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